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Neha & Nitish – Haldi and Mehndi

DateMarch, 2024Share

Experience one of the most viral Haldi and Mehndi celebrations in Melbourne styled and decorated by G Luxe Events.

Authentic Haldi Party for Neha and Nitish

We infused authenticity into the Haldi party with a blend of yellow and white flowers, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

haldi styling and decorations in Melbourne by G Luxe Events

Our decorations featured Indian-styled stools, garlands, and elephant accents, setting the perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy. From the welcome board to the seating areas adorned with yellow floral garlands, every detail was thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the occasion.

The Most Viral Mehndi Party in Melbourne

At the Mehndi celebration, we brought bursts of color with fuchsia, light pink, yellow, and purple accents. 

decor and styling of mehndi party in Melbourne

Guests were greeted by a captivating welcome sign highlighting the festivities. A stunning floral arc added an extra touch of romance, completing the enchanting setting for Neha & Nitish’s pre-wedding celebration. The seating areas were decorated with colourful cushions, flowers, and garlands, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

Authentic Indian-style tea stations, complete with hand-painted teapots and colorful umbrellas, added a touch of cultural charm. 

mehndi decorations umbrellas tea station in melbourne by G Luxe Events

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