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Daria & Udhav – Indian Wedding Functions

DateFebruary, 2023Share

Anand Margi marriage & Hindu ceremony

For Udhav and Daria, whose love story bridges Western and Indian cultures, we had the pleasure of planning and coordination their summer wedding in Melbourne on February 22nd, 2023. Daria, hailing from Poland, brought her Western sensibilities, while Udhav, from Australia, with Indian heritage, added a rich cultural dimension to their union.

Full-service wedding planning, coordination, and styling

We took care of everything, from organizing DJs and photographers to arranging traditional ceremonies like Mehndi, Sangeet, Haldi, Anand Margi marriage, and the Hindu Mandap ceremony. Our team was there every step of the way, ensuring everything ran smoothly. It was a special day, bringing together their love and their cultures in the heart of Melbourne!

wedding planning and styling melbourne by G Luxe Events

Daria & Udhav’s dream wedding with bespoke decorations

The fresh floral decorations were beautiful, sticking to a burgundy and white theme with touches of light pink. We chose each flower carefully to match the couple’s vision, adding a romantic touch to the celebrations.

Hindu wedding and reception party

Haldi in Melbourne

Haldi decorations and styling in Melbourne by G Luxe Events

Mehndi party

Luxury mehndi party organized by G Luxe Events in Melbourne

Sangeet party in Melbourne

sangeet party in melbourne planning styling and decorations by G Luxe Events