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Daria & Rakesh – White and Indian wedding

DateDecember, 2023Share

At G Luxe Events, we turn dreams into reality, and Daria and Rakesh’s luxury château wedding in Melbourne is a testament to that! In just seven months, we planned a magnificent three-day celebration that blended their Western and Indian cultures, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Werribee Mansion in Victoria, Australia.

Mehndi Party: The Start of 3-Day Celebrations

The festivities kicked off with a lively Mehndi party, setting the perfect tone for the extravagant affair that followed. With guests from 18 countries in attendance, we took charge of guest coordination, ensuring every guest felt warmly welcomed and cared for throughout the entire event.

Delicious fusion finger foods and refreshing drinks delighted the guests’ palates as they mingled and celebrated. Moreover, we adorned the entire venue with exquisite fresh flowers, infusing every corner with the fragrant beauty of nature.

Luxury château wedding in Melbourne

On day one, we orchestrated a Western-style white wedding amidst the royal gardens of Werribee Mansion, Victoria. The outdoor ceremony was a vision of elegance, with a stunning floral arch decorated with fresh pastel flowers, complemented by matching bouquets for the bridesmaids and buttonholes for the groomsmen. 

luxury wedding planning in werribee mansion australia

Sophisticated Wedding Venue and Reception Decorations

The reception room emitted an air of sophistication, enhanced by the presence of flowers, candles, and personalized accents, which contributed to the luxurious ambiance.

wedding venue in werribee mansion decorations by g luxe events wedding planner from melbourne

Infusing Modernity into a Royal Hindu Wedding

Day two showcased a royal Marwari ceremony, inspired by the majestic beauty of Rajasthani royalty. Against the stunning backdrop of Werribee Mansion, our team decorated a mandap with champagne and burgundy flowers, setting the stage for an elegant celebration. Daria and Rakesh looked stunning in their carefully chosen outfits, designed by Seema Gujral and styled by Karegar, Melbourne, to match the luxurious setting.

Daria Rakesh royal hindu wedding planning werribee mansion by G Luxe events

Marwari Wedding Enriched with Stunning Floral Chadar and Mandap

At G Luxe Events, we are passionate about wedding styling and decorations. For Daria and Rakesh’s Hindu wedding, we created a sophisticated floral mandap using fresh flowers, serving as a breathtaking focal point for their Marwari ceremony. Additionally, we designed a beautiful chadar for Daria, embellished with flowers and pearls in a harmonious color palette. This romantic setup was brought to life amidst the historical grounds of Werribee Park.

Luxury floral mandap design and set up at Werribee Mansion by G Luxe Events wedding planner and decorator

Sophisticated Decor with Burgundy and White Accents

The reception continued with a white and burgundy theme, with romantic floral arrangements and candles adding to the ambiance. Every detail, from the colors to the decorations, was meticulously planned to create a lavish atmosphere that exceeded expectations.

werribee mansion wedding reception decorations by G Luxe Events wedding planner and decorator

At G Luxe Events, we don’t just plan weddings, we create unforgettable memories!